Android Creates a New World of Possibility and Opportunity. SimpLive offers one-stop Android and Application Solution Design for smart home applications.
Home Entertainment
Android Tablets  

Simplive provide completed Android Tablet solutions from 7 inch to 13 inch.
Besides standard specification for entertainment; we also provide specified functions (digital TV, GPS, 3G, surround...) and could base on customer's different request to do OEM/ODM service.

Android Smart TV Stick & Smart Home Bar  
Smart TV connects internet to expore thousands of movies, games, apps, YouTube channels and social network.
If you don't have a smart TV, you can just connect Simplive Smart TV Stick/Smart Home Bar to your digital TV for the same functionality.
Home Automation
By the progress of wireless technology and convenience of mobile devices (Tablet/Smart Phone..), you could easily build centralized control of lighting, air conditioning, appliances and other systems. The home automation will improve convenience, comfort, energy efficiency, security and make you enjoy simple way to live. With plentiful Android Platform development experience combined our core technology in RF module & cloud database integration, we could provide total solution based on your requests.
Home Security
SimpLive Smart Star is a system that include smart sensors (CO2/Fire/Smoke..) plus Wireless transmission (Zigbee/ANT+/RFID/NFC) and APPs.
It could send alarm message to your portable devices (smart phone/tablet/NB) when there is smoke/fire/GAS to secure your house safety and protect your home happiness.
Health Management
SimpLive Tablet PCBA solution has been adopted in Treadmill machine to provide multimedia entertainment and health management (calculate Calorie consumption / mileage & speed control..).  By integrated wireless gateway and health devices (Blood Glucose/Pressure Meters, body weight..), you could management you and your family health any time any where.